Me – and let me say straight up that I’m not being sponsored by Apple or getting any financial remuneration by promoting the iPad! When I set up my business, I looked at lots of options, but I made a conscious choice to go down the iPad path for lots of reasons I think you’ll resonate with, whether you’re running a small company or a big organization.

What I am promoting is the idea that businesses really need to incorporate video into their in-house and marketing strategies, and that they can do it more cheaply, more simply, and more cleverly by using a device that has multiple uses.  So whether it’s for corporate video production, web video production, or as a really novel way to respond to a client’s queries [more of that in a later post], here’s a list of the top 5 reasons why I think iPads are the way to go.

1.     They’re multi-purpose units.  An iPad has multiple uses.  A video camera doesn’t. Bloggers focus on pretty much everything else an iPad can do [managing documents, finances, meetings, contacts and calendars, remote desktop capabilities… etc. etc.] but it’s only recently that people have realized its potential as a device that essentially serves as a one-stop video production studio.  What else is out there that can do all that? Which makes them…

2.     Cost effective. You’re getting more bang for your buck with an iPad. Let’s say it cost you around $2000 to purchase your iPad, some filmmaking accessories [light, tripod, microphone, carry case etc.] and a couple of movie making apps. You maybe use it 20% of the time for making videos. So that’s essentially a $400 investment, and you’ve got a mobile filmmaking studio at your disposal. A video camera offering comparable quality, without all the accessories thrown in, will set you back more than that AND it won’t offer all the additional uses your device does.

3.     Apps are constantly being released and updated. It’s hard to believe the iPad was only released 6 years ago. Since that time, it’s come a long way, and when it comes to filmmaking, there’s a heap of choices out there now. You have apps like Filmic Pro, which makes filmmaking beautiful, easy and accessible for everyone. You’ve also got teleprompter apps, which means you don’t have to memorise text if you’re presenting to camera and editing apps like iMovie if you want to up your post-production capabilities, scriptwriting apps, logging apps to keep track of your footage, special effects apps, scoring apps to help with music… the list is endless – and I haven’t even touched on the apps you can use for other areas of your business too.

4.     They’re lightweight and portable.  For your everyday business, this is a no-brainer. But when it comes to filmmaking, this is where the iPad really comes into its own.  I’ve worked in the TV and film industries and even on small jobs, the amount of gear involved is pretty excessive.  Cameras, tripods, lights, dollies, tracks… it always takes at least 3 people to carry even the most basic gear on a small shoot. But for the needs of business, it’s excessive. You can produce quality videos with the amount of equipment you can carry – on your own, in one go with an iPad set-up.

5.     People’s viewing habits have changed. The rise of the internet and the ability to now film on smaller and smaller screens [especially phones] has meant that people are more accepting of viewing - and accepting, footage that wasn’t professionally made.  Just look at how popular cat videos are. They weren’t shot on an Arriflex!  In fact, Apple actually used the iPad to shoot an ad with Martin Scorcese, and “Searching for Sugarman” – an Oscar winning documentary, was partially shot on an iPhone.  So if you’re shooting on an iPad, you’re in good company, and you can put to rest the fear the people have about the quality not being good enough.

If I’ve convinced you, and you’re wondering about the next step – how to actually make a video on an iPad, the next blog will be right up your alley. So stay tuned!

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