The days of employing a production company to come in and produce one long corporate video to cover every aspect of your business are long gone.

Less of a scattergun approach is used now, which is more in tune with the way people digest information – in shorter, more focused bites.  It’s like bringing out one dish at a time, rather than cramming it all on your plate. Because there is no one single video that could possibly cover everything about your business. Nor would you want it to. The key is focus – one topic, one video.  There are so many different types of videos you can make, but rather than bombard you, I’ve decided to split this topic over 2 posts. So let’s kick off with the first five ideas.

1.     The overview video. This is really a video version of the ‘About Us’ or “What We Do” sections you find on most websites’ landing pages. It should be short, personal, and above all – conversational. I’ve seen people make the mistake of simply taking the text from those sections of their landing page and reading them aloud to camera. The result is stilted and impersonal. When you do write it, do it as if you were talking to someone who’d just asked what your business does.

2.     The explainer video.  This is the latest trend in video for business. Basically, it’s the opportunity for people to hear why working with you would be beneficial for them.  In other words, you’re highlighting what makes your business great, unique, and special. These videos usually end with some sort of call to action – like inviting you to contact them, to sign up for their newsletter, or to take up an offer.

3.     How to videos.  ‘How to…’ is the number one searched term on the net. These are basically demos or tutorials – so they’re suitable for both internal and external uses.  For the former, they can be used to train staff in procedures or show them how a new product or service works. For customers, there are endless possibilities for content. For example, just say you’re a real estate agency. You wouldn’t do only one  ‘how to’ video on buying a house. That’s a huge topic, so you’d break it down into several small how to’s; how to liven up the front of my house for sale, how to negotiate a better price when buying, how to make an above-ground pool look more inviting, how to make the most of space in a small kitchen…  These kinds of videos 

not only help position you as an expert, but also as someone whose willing to share that expertise freely.

4.     News videos. Again, you can use these both internally or externally.  Think of it, literally, like a news segment.  You can either showcase a new product or service that’s just hit the market, review the latest report or news that’s pertinent to your business [for example you run an accounting firm and a new controversial law has just come into play regarding superannuation] and you can even use a news video to send out to media agencies as a precursor to a press release to pique their interest.

5.     Testimonials.  Hearing and seeing your past customers talk about how impressed they were with your service will really resonate with your clients – and prospective clients.  So that it’s not all talking to camera, they can be easily livened up by cutting between the person giving the testimonial, and shots of the product or service in action.  If you’re a larger business, you can even make several testimonial videos, focusing specifically on each individual product or service you offer.

That’s enough to get you started this week, but keep an eye out for the next installment, when I’ll give you another 5 ideas for the types of videos you could make in and for your business. So stay tuned!

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