In my last blog, I introduced you to some ideas for the type of videos you could make for your business, to use both internally for staff and externally, for customers and clients. Here’s the next batch of ideas.

1.     Information videos.  If you need to explain a lot of statistics, or want to use infographics, you can liven them up on video by using music and animation to make the information more interesting and appear less dry. There are animation Apps you can use with iPads that will only set you back the cost of a couple of coffees. Animation Studio for example [currently priced at $8] integrates with YouTube so you can share your content, it gives you the ability to add a voiceover and lay in music, and has lots of design tools like airbrush, paint, clip art and import graphics – among others. A cheap and popular way of presenting information [and explainer videos too] is the whiteboard video in which animation is hand drawn then erased on a whiteboard. The process is sped up so it doesn’t become too long [and potentially boring].  

2.     Thought leadership videos. Take a different topic pertaining to your business each week and discuss your thoughts around it to share it with your staff. The key is to make it short and focused. It shouldn’t sound like a lecture – more like sharing an opinion in the same way as you might over a dinner or at a party.  These videos are such a great way to create a strong connection with your staff, because you’re not just sharing information with them; you’re allowing them to see you in a really personal way.

3.     Team profile videos.  Instead of just posting a short blurb about each of your key staff members on your website, why not do a short video about each of them? They can explain who they are, what they do, and best of all, they can let people know their area of expertise so everyone knows – both inside and outside the company – that they are the person to go to with a question relating to their area of expertise. The added advantage of these style of videos is that they establish your company as a team and a community. Once again – that makes it more personal.

4.     Personal response videos.  Just say you get a query about your business from a reasonable sized company, and securing them as a client could be pretty lucrative for you.  You could respond in writing, but I guarantee they’ll feel more connected to you [and more impressed with the effort you’ve gone to] if you shoot them back a short video thanking them for their interest in your company, introducing yourself personally, and briefly responding to their questions. You can then follow up with a more detailed email, by which time they’ll already have a sense they know you.

5.      Vine and Instagram videos. Before you dismiss this one, they’re not all about cats, accidents and crazy stuff.  Having said that – never underestimate the value of comedy. People sometimes carry around the idea that displaying a sense of humour will somehow trivialise their company or make them appear unprofessional. But these platforms have a huge number of followers, which means a huge number of prospective customers and clients. Besides, appearing to be human and approachable can be a really good thing. Yep – it gets back to that old personal thing again. Also consider that you can use these platforms to release information with an informational value – not just entertainment.

All these videos can be shot, produced and edited on an iPad.  From past experience, I know there’ll be people out there who love the idea in principal and recognize the necessity of incorporating video into their communications strategies, but there’ll also be a few niggling doubts creeping in. Can I afford it? What could I possibly talk about week in and week out? How do I master the technical aspects of filmmaking?

I’m going to address all these concerns in the coming weeks, starting with the big one first up. In fact, in all the time I’ve been working in film and video, it’s the greatest single concern of all – bordering on fear. What is it? Tune in for my next blog and find out!

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