Storytelling is one of the earliest forms of communication and arguably one of the most powerful. Before language or the written word, man was using drawings and cave paintings to tell stories that both educated and entertained. Our brains are quite literally hardwired for stories as we listen and create images, while making connections to situations or memories that are relatable to us. This means, when we are told a story we are more likely to remember it, while engaging with the narrative on a deeper and more emotional level.

So why is it important for businesses to master the art of storytelling? Simply put, telling your audience that your product is good and that they should buy it will not cut it in this day and age. In today’s business climate, you are left with little choice but to engage with your audience on an emotional level or find yourself lost in the vast ocean of content that is the internet and social media. Social media has revolutionised the way that businesses communicate with their customers. Businesses can no longer hide behind an iron curtain and push out the messages they want as everyone has a voice and a platform to share their opinions and stories.

Communicating your brand narrative

The path we are now on is about having the ability to get your audience to connect and emphasize with your brand. The way to do this is through weaving a narrative into your brand that people find genuine and can relate to. Take a step back and think about who you are as an individual and how that connects to your business. Ask yourself, ‘what is my history and how has my history contributed to the business I created’? Crafting a narrative around this is a great way to connect with your audience. It’s the same as anything, if you try and falsify yourself and if you’re not 100% honest than your integrity is very difficult to shine through. Whereas, if you go ‘this is who I am as a person’, ‘this is who I am as a business owner’ and ‘this is my story to tell’, people are more likely to respond positively and gravitate towards your brand.

Using video as a powerful tool for storytelling

Storytelling through video is a powerful tool used to engage audiences. There’s no mistaking the importance of written content such as material on blogs, websites and social media posts. Unfortunately, sometimes the written word can be misconstrued as your message may get misinterpreted by those who are receiving it. Including video as a form of communication with your audience can help to eliminate certain message disruptions and allow you to communicate your story and narrative more effectively and in a more engaging manner.

The art of storytelling is an integral component of the business strategy for those that do not want to be left out in the cold.  Consumers are more informed than ever before and without emotional engagement that can be achieved through storytelling, businesses expose themselves to criticism of being cold or unrelatable. With smartphone technology, the ability to produce video content is at everyone’s fingertips, meaning there is nothing stopping you from creating the next story worth sharing.

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