School Holidays & Festivals

Activate Entertainment has developed the school holiday formula for fun and has been sharing it with venues since its initiation in 2012. Our workshops have been selected for programming by festivals, libraries and vacation care. 

Activate has a catalogue of customisable content that can suit events 40mins - 8hrs in length and facilitate groups of up to 20 participants. All equipment and personnel is included in the workshops.


Activate gets Augmented in 2016 - and venues have the chance for experiencing this first hand!

Quickly becoming a go-to tool across various industries including health, real-estate and marketing, Augmented Reality also presents boundless opportunities for the education sector and is projected to become a multi-billion dollar industry within the next twelve months.

Since introducing “The Monster Zoo” – our Augmented Reality project – in 2014 at the Awesome Arts Festival in Western Australia, Activate now boasts a suite of new tools for storytelling engagement that translate seamlessly into the classroom. We can’t wait to share them with you!

Using augmented reality technology, your students will discover a hidden world of invisible and endangered monsters. This incredible experience has been designed to encourage team work, problem solving and an active interaction with technology.  

Learn More About Monster Zoo

Ever wondered where all those lost hats, lunchboxes and socks go? They’ve been taken to a secret world, by some strange creatures, but you can unlock it by making some healthy choices.

Learn More About The Thing In The Wall 


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