Activate Entertainment offers unique and innovative Artist-in-Residency programs tailored to your needs. We pride our programs on their ability to inspire digital narratives through the combination of technology and creativity. Our residency programs are flexible and can work within a range of contents and settings while meeting the Media Arts National Curriculum standards and criteria. Allow us to work with your entire class and teach them how technology can enhance their creativity in a meaningful and engaging way. Activate’s residency program uses new technologies like mobile-based filmmaking and augmented reality storytelling to engage and inspire students. These programs are available for primary, middle and secondary years.


This residency focuses on building the foundation skills for filmmaking and media practices in exciting and educational ways. The program is grounded in establishing creative thinking and hands-on experience with technology. Your students will work with industry professionals and learn how to create high quality products and skills.


This residency allows an industry professional to work creatively with your students. Throughout the program your students will learn how to create industry standard projects and experience and learn how their creative process translates into the Media and Filmmaking industries. This residency is an excellent opportunity for your students to escalate their skills and understanding of the media arts profession.

Costs are determined on an individual basis.


With Tyronne Curtis 

In an ever-changing creative landscape, it has never been so important to instill the entrepreneurial mindset in the next generation of creators. Tyronne Curtis has built two media focused businesses, is a published columnist, producer of broadcast content for the ABC and has created augmented reality experiences for schools and festivals. On top of this, his device based filmmaking’ model is challenging how film projects are being produced in education and business. This master class explores how to think differently about the creative industries and provides insight into paving your own way.


with Graeme Hattrick

How do we achieve honest, believable performances and how do we communicate our thoughts with our actors? Graeme has been working in theatre, film and television for over 45 years, on productions both in Australia and Europe, having also tutored at the BBC and MET Film School. He has mostly directed in fast turnaround television like East Enders and performing in large scale film productions like Star Wars, where access to the tools of collaborative work goes beyond the written words to the rich subtext beneath. This master class explores what constitutes a good performance, what actors need from a director and how this relates to the demands of the camera.


with Genna Megaw

To engage in the world around you, to observe new people and places, and finally to tell a story with honesty, objectivity and creativity is what it means to produce a documentary. Canadian filmmaker, Genna Megaw, began her career at Discovery Channel, producing non-fictional content for television. The industry of factual entertainment intrigued her, and so she continued her career producing feature docos for creative production houses. This master class will explore the various formats of documentary, and

highlight the critical elements of the genre that will separate your film from the rest.


with Sam Moor

Drawing on over 20 years of television production experience Sam Moor delivers an interactive presentation that will give students and teachers an insight into how large scale TV and film really gets made. Using real production examples, participants will get to decide how to schedule and budget a project and then find out what happens when nothing goes to plan. Sam uses her extensive experience in television production, specialising in drama & comedy for the BBC to create a fun and engaging master class.

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