Augmented Reality Experiences

Unlock a hidden world of education using augmented reality.

Our Augmented Reality Experiences are a world-class innovation in storytelling and education. Built specifically for the education system, each experience creates a magical learning environment and comes with all the resources and activities for you to run it within your school. It’s as simple as downloading the app and printing off the resources or if you prefer, Activate Entertainment will come to your school and run the experience for you! 

Experience Cost: $18.99 on the App (coming Soon) / $18per participant if run by activate entertainment


The Thing in the Wall - 'Its fun to Be healthy, inside & out!'

There are some strange noises in the library. It is the Wall Thing. He is stuck, half way through the library wall! With his fist clenched he can’t free himself, no matter how hard he tries!

With your assistance he has a plan. Scattered all around the school are other creatures that he is confident will help him get unstuck. He is reluctant to tell you about them because… well, they are thieves who live in a hidden world. These are the creatures responsible for when you can’t find your right sock, your lunchbox or your favourite pencil. Whilst they are thieves of these objects they also have very opinionated views on the ones they like and the ones they do not like – they much prefer to be healthy!

This experience is all about being a healthy kid inside and out by exploring the correct choices to be made in life.



Monster Zoo - 'Home to the world's most incredible endangered monsters'

Our latest attraction - the Gubaru Monster - is on the loose and we need your help to put it back into this cage! With the help of the other endangered monsters in the zoo, students get work out the location of the mischievous creature.

Using augmented reality technology, your students will discover a hidden world of invisible and endangered monsters. This incredible experience has been designed to encourage team work, problem solving and an active interaction with technology. It is as simple as downloading the app and printing off the resources to turn your school into an invisible zoo!

Each monster has been modeled from an endangered Australian animal allowing for an engaging exploration about animal extinction and the role humans play.

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