Primary & Middle Workshops:

Our primary and secondary workshops have been designed to foster media literacy, creative thinking and team building skills in a fun and engaging way using new technology. Our versatile workshop experiences can be used to either introduce or extend upon your students' understanding of media arts.

SUITABILITY Year 3 to Year 8

COST $400 half day, $600 full day (plus GST & Travel)

These workshops are ideal for 25 – 30 participants.


Short film & television production with visual effects

This workshop is a great introduction to iPad based filmmaking and production principles. Participants are taught how to produce a short film or TV show using our device based filmmaking model. They will be introduced to directing, producing, performing, visual effects and editing. The subject matter of projects can be linked to any subject area and content.

Document a school event

In this workshop participants will take on the roles of a production team under the guidance of an industry professional to document your event. They will learn how to correctly interview people, collect observational footage and then edit it together. This is an excellent workshop to capture your school spirit and special events through the eyes of your students.

Secondary Workshops

Our secondary school workshops have been designed to show students how to push devices to their full creative potential and understand how they can apply these skills to their own media projects.

SUITABILITY Year 7 to Year 12

COST $550 Half Day, $800 full day / Special & Visual FX $650 Half day, $1200 full day (plus GST & Travel)

These workshops are ideal for 25 – 30 participants.


Special & Visual EFFECTS - Perfect for Genre Studies!

In this combined workshop participants will be introduced to special effects make-up and visual effects filmmaking. This workshop extends your students’ knowledge and understanding of specialised film genres. Choose from Horror, Si-Fi, Action or Fantasy and watch your students transform into different characters. This workshop is presented with ‘Velbella Cosmetics’ who will teach your students to design and apply special effects make-up to create interesting characters.

Transmedia storytelling

As media consuming habits continue to fragment, so does the way stories are told. In this workshop participants will be introduced to the concept of telling the same story in different ways across multiple platforms. Using Activate’s device based filmmaking model, participants will create websites, blogs, and trailers to diversify their storytelling abilities.

Augmented Reality Workshops for Primary & Secondary

SUITABILITY Beginner: Years 3 – 12 | Intermediate: Year 5 – 12 | Advanced: Years 10 – 12

COST Beginners 1.5 hours, $8 per student | Intermediate 3 hours, $16 per student | Expert 6 hours, $26 per student

Conditions Apply


Activate offers three different augmented reality workshops available to teach your students practical skills with this new technology. Our beginner workshop will allow your students to learn what AR is and how it works. The intermediate is more hands on and allows your students to create an AR experience at thier school. Our expert workshop is for the more advanced students and teaches your students complex planning, designing and implementation of augmented reality concepts.

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