Filmmaking Workshops

Our signature Range Of Themed Filmmaking Workshops Are Where We Use Our One Device Way Of Thinking. We Use IPads, Specialised Film Equipment And A Heap Of Incredible Apps To Bring To Life The Most Imaginative Of Digital Tales. Our Workshops Are Innovative, Forward-Thinking But Most Importantly, FUN! 

2 - 5yrs

3,2,1 BLASTOFF! Design and build your very own rocket then use a green screen send it into space!

Transform yourself into an African animal by creating your very own animal mask then visit your home country with the magic of green screen!

Ever wanted to fly like superman? Or go invisible? Now is your chance! First you must create your own superhero (or villain) mask, then jump in front of the green screen to bring your power come to life!

6 - 12yrs

After discovering time travel, a select few will venture back to when dinosaurs roamed the earth. In this crazy adventure film participants will narrowly avoid being stomped on, eaten and trampled by CGI dinosaurs!

Ever wanted to save the world? Perhaps you prefer to dominate it? Well this is your chance! Our Heroes Vs Villains filmmaking workshop jumps into the fun world of super-strength, invisibility and flight in the ultimate showdown in good against evil!

Robots have finally taken over the world and there is only one group who can save us. Star in your very own epic Sci-Fi flick with CGI transformers and other robots sent here to destroy us!

The world is under attack from giant spiders, man-eating slugs and deadly aliens,  so who you gonna call? Thats right, you! In this workshop, participants will attempt to save the world in their very own Sci-Fi creature film!

Step into the world of bank robberies, bad-guy chases and saving the day! Help us bring to life your very own action film. Just make sure you pick a side.

In our fairytale filmmaking workshops anything can happen...and it usually does. Magical spells are cast, dragons are slayed and usually the princess is rescued...usually.

Who doesn't love a good zombie film? Well it's heaps more fun to make a zombie movie! Use make-up, fake blood and lots of groaning to bring to life your own deadly flick.

Dance, sing and act in your very own music video! Use green screen technology along with a heap of cool effects to produce a visual masterpiece that you can share with friends and family!

Activate offers intensive stop motion animation workshops which bring to life the most amazing stories using play-doh. Create your characters and your setting and produce it all on just the iPad!

13 - 17yrs

Welcome to the digital age of storytelling. In this workshop you will discover a variety of film focused iPad apps, explore cool visual effects like teleportation, and get the basics of film production. Using just the one device we will develop an original concept and take it to the launching phase.

Learn the basics of green screen technology and what it is capable of in this introductory chroma key workshop. Learn how to fly, clone and teleport to foreign lands! This is an incredible filmmaking tool which will help any budding filmmaker take their skills to the next level!

Using either copyright free or popular music, we will sing, dance and act our way to making a personalised music video using iPads and green screen technology.

Ever wondered why horror films are so scary? This workshop will break down all the tips and tricks you need to scare the bejeebers out of your friends. Use special effects make-up, wicked creepy music and of course your amazing acting talents to tell the scariest of tales.

This one is not for the faint-hearted. In this workshop you will take filmmaking to the extreme using GoPro cameras. Playing games like dodgeball & nerf-wars you strap cameras to yourself, capture some wicked content then edit together a awesome music video style project!

In a world where humans have pushed mother earth to her limits, only a few survive. Learn how to create a dystopian world using film. Create your own original script and produce your concept using visual effects and green screen technology.

Activate offers 3 different styles of animation workshops; 2D, 3D and Stop Motion. Workshops can be presented either as stand-alone themes or alternatively can be combine.

'The Chase' Produced at Heart of Gold Film Festival 2015