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Our film projects are produced at the highest quality, drawing on years of film-making experience. Our team is compiled of everything from industry greats to enthusiastic new comers. Activate Entertainment is equipped to take on the largest job to the smallest of projects. Nothing is too big or too small.

    For IOR’s 30th year celebration, Activate Entertainment was approached to create a 15min mini documentary profiling this prolific oil company. We traveled across the great state of Queensland to meet their team and hear their stories. Using a combination of motion graphic and live action footage, we traced back the origins of IOR Petroleum to the humble town of Eromanga in central Queensland where their story begun. To capture the true breadth of this organisation our mini film crew traveled Australia wide to interview clients, customers and staff. 

    In partnership with the Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing and the Queensland Academy of Sport, we produced the promotional videos for the QAS4Schools initiative.

    Working with the delightful flipside circus, we breathed life into their new branding using motion capture technology. Flipside Circus engaged Activate Entertainment as part of their rebranding to assist with producing a video which would align with the organization's new direction. As their funky new logo consisted of a series of colourful lines and circles, we decided to explore what it would be like if this image came to life as one of their workshop participants. The results are pretty special. 

    We produced a series of online videos which showcased the qualities and features of one of South-East Queensland’s most luxurious camper vans. In one big day of filming in Strathpine we captured and acquired all content to showcase the experience. We also created a number of how to videos which walked clients through some of the finer details of using the camper.

    We helped entrepreneur Louisa Dyson launch her exciting new venture into the Personal Concierge world with promotional videos.

    The project involved a series of interviews with people involved with Aspire International Youth Music Festival. A range of topics were discussed including their passion for music, the vision for the festival and the impact it has had on those involved. Our expertise in filmmaking allowed us to help tell the great stories behind the Aspire International Youth Music Festival.

Augmented Reality

Activate Entertainment is an industry leader in augmented reality (AR) using the incredible new technology as a storytelling, educational and promotional tool. Their projects have been showcased across Australia at multiple festivals, shopping malls, car dealerships and events.

    “There is a monster on the loose and we need your help to put him back into his enclosure! It is really important that we find him! He is one of many endangered monsters in this world that we need to look after and protect. Find the other monsters, they will help give you clues as to his whereabouts!”

    Using augmented reality technology, participants will meet several invisible and endangered monsters who will assist them in finding the missing monster. This amazing experience encourages teamwork, problem solving and an active interaction with technology.

    Each monster has been modelled from an endangered Australian animal allowing for an engaging exploration about animal extinction and the role humans play.

    Monster Zoo Previous Festivals & Awards
    Awesome Arts Festival, WA (2014)
    Brisbane Asia Pacific Film Festival, QLD (2015)
    Way Out West Festival, NSW (2015)
    Celebrate WA Day, WA (2015)
    Gold Coast Film Festival, QLD (2016)

    “‘It’s fun to be healthy, inside and out!’ There are some strange noises in the library. It is the Wall Thing. He is stuck, half way through the library wall! With his fist clenched he can’t free himself, no matter how hard he tries! With your assistance he has a plan. Scattered all around the school are other creatures that he is confident will help him get unstuck. They are thieves who live in a hidden world. These are the ones responsible for when you can’t find your right sock or your lunchbox. These thieves have very opinionated views about what they like and don’t like –they much prefer to be healthy!”

    This experience uses augmented reality storytelling to move participants through a physical game-like experience. It utilises the classic ‘level-up’ function of gaming where tasks need to be completed and clues decipher in order to progress.

    Teams scan images on posters or other printed material to generate the computer generated creatures. They must listen to the clues delivered by the creatures then fulfill any request they are given. An example of this may be the Lunchbox Thing who will explain that he will happily provide information, in exchange for a healthy lunchbox. An unhealthy lunch box will also be a choice, however participants need to scan the healthy option to progress in the game. Once this is done they will be given the clue for the location of the next monster.

    The Thing in the Wall is available for download from the Apple App Store.

    The Thing in the Wall Previous Festivals & Awards
    Ashgrove Literature Festival, QLD (2015)

    Exhibit is an interactive augmented reality platform which fills outdoor spaces with beautiful digital content produced by local and international artists. Showcasing work has now changed, for good.

    Using augmented reality and locative gameplay, each instalment of our eco-themed iOS and Android app has been downloaded and played hundreds of times! In three unique experiences, we guide the user through 10 minutes of immersive gameplay in which they interact with talking sea creatures, learn important lessons about protecting our oceans, and collect AR-enabled trading cards.

    An AR activation experience engaging customers to be able to view the 2017 Swift virtually with all its features and specifications available. Customers are able to experience a virtual closeup of the car, with the ability to customise it with different colours and wheels while also viewing vital information on the cars specifications and features. Activate has developed an app that showcases a 3D version of the exterior of the car and a 360 degree view of the interior.

    Experience the illustrations of Narelle Oliver come to life in augmented reality with our IOS and Android App I WANT TO BE IN AR!

    Over the Hills of Grand Snigdom to the bottom of the ocean, you’ll join Cecil as he journeys from one trackpad to the next. A final special trackpad provides invaluable advice from the late author Narelle Oliver on developing your own stories.

    I WANT TO BE IN AR was developed for installation at the Ipswich Art Gallery and was featured at the opening of the StoryArts Festival Ipswich. If you missed it.. don’t sweat it! Just download our free printable trackpads below and enjoy the fun wherever!


For many years, Activate Entertainment has produced high-quality animation for clients large and small. We specialise in 2D, 3D and motion graphics. In the world of animation anything can be brought to life in any way we want!

    MedAugment™ app is the output of a research collaboration in Australia, between Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Activate Entertainment, NPS MedicineWise, Diabetes Queensland, TerryWhite Chemmart Group, and Princess Alexandra Hospital – Diabetes and Endocrine Clinic, supported by Heart Foundation.

    MedAugment™ app helps users get a better understanding about their medications and related diseases or conditions, by scanning the packages or boxes of the medications. The app has been developed for smart devices which run iOS (i.e. phones and tablets manufactured by Apple). There is no version of the app for Android devices.

    Working with one of Brisbane’s fastest growing employment relationships companies, we brought to life a series of quirky animations to help get clients quickly get up to speed with the company’s processes. When clients begin engaging in a dispute process it is often stressful, confusing and upsetting. Our aim with this series of animations was to produce content which would relay the desired information in a way that would retain their attention and maybe just generate a smile or two!

    Familes magazine requested a fun 15sec add for Brisbane cinema's to let the audience know about their fabulous magazine.

    Woof Gang revolves around a group of lovable, yet slightly dysfunctional dogs who have been abandoned at the Surfers Paradise Pet Motel. Hell-bent on escape, each time we meet sees a new new hair brained attempt at freedom in order to return to their beloved families.

    Rabbit People: The Untold Story of Rabbit Show Jumping is a 30min exploration deep into the world of this weird and wondrous sport. This quirky character driven documentary will follow this years competitors in the attempt to beat the current world record for ‘Highest Jump Made By A Rabbit’. Meet the people, meet the rabbits, and break the record! Co Directed by The Chaos Factory’s Tyronne Curtis in coloration with one of Brisbane’s finest producers, Melissa Heins, Rabbit People was shot completely on location at Adelaide’s Royal Show.

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