5 pieces of equipment that will take your small business videos to the next level

For small businesses, video is an essential part of communicating with customers and clients. In our last blog we talked about the power of videos on social media. Some may find the idea of creating a video daunting. It is a common misconception that one needs a 4 year university degree and thousands of dollars worth of equipment to create professional looking video. This blog will outline 5 essentials for the filmmaking arsenal of your small business along with sharing some insider tips that will have you creating high-quality videos in no time. The only other thing you need is the phone in your pocket (or in your hand reading this blog).

  1. An iOgrapher case is the foundation of any device based filmmaking kit. The ergonomic design makes it easier to stabilise the camera when filming handheld. The design also allows you to attach additional filmmaking accessories to the phone or ipad, such as a microphone and lighting. For $79 its a must have.
  2. If I had to pick a single piece of equipment from this list that would have the biggest impact on the quality of your videos, it would be a tripod. Having shaky video is one of the biggest mistakes made by beginner filmmakers. What makes it worse is that it is such an easy problem to solve. Simply setting up a tripod can improve your production quality considerably. At Activate Entertainment we use and recommend the compact action tripod because of how portable, versatile and easy to use it is.
  3. Having good audio is the next piece of the puzzle. Audio can be a tricky thing to get right. There are a number of factors at play that make things more difficult. The best place to start is ensuring you have a good microphone. A lot of the issues you may run into when using the native microphone on your device can be avoided by plugging in a quality external mic. SmartMyk is a directional microphone that does a great job in most situations. It works by localising the sound to the image, rejecting background noise to concentrate on the sound from the subject of the camera’s focus. It’s the way to go if you’re looking to take your audio up a couple of notches.
  4. Lighting is another tricky aspect of filmmaking. There are times when you may be able to get away with natural light. However, a lot of the time additional lighting can really improve the quality of your visuals. You would be surprised the impact that one LEDGO panel can have on your picture quality. If your goal is to make make professional looking videos, extra lighting is a worthwhile investment .
  5. Storing and transporting equipment is a pain that filmmakers know all too well. The Messenger bag takes the hassle out of managing your equipment. It will fit all your gear in one place and makes traveling to and from location a breeze. All the while making sure everything is safe and protected.

Get your hands on the gear we use! Take the hassle out of setting up a professional in-house filmmaking studio with one of our hand selected kits. Our kits are already in many schools across QLD, and operating in small and large businesses. We assemble our kits using only high quality products from leading brands. Check them out here>

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At Activate Entertainment our mission is to make it simple for anyone to become comfortable with digital technology and filmmaking. With the right equipment the production of high quality content can be achieved in both business and education. We have hand selected a catalogue of high quality filmmaking equipment which is available for purchase on our online store.