Activating Queensland Libraries

The Easter school holidays went off with a blast as we made our way through Southeast Queensland libraries delivering our hands-on and educational workshops. Activate’s series of library workshops have been innovating year-on-year since 2012, igniting the hearts and minds of young people across Queensland. Using quick, easy and fun content creation as a base, combined with exciting S.T.E.A.M focused workshops we create incredible educational learning experiences. Here are just a couple of the exciting workshops that we delivered to 12 to 17 year olds these school holidays.


Making Holograms 

Welcome to the future!! In this workshop each of the lucky kids attending built their very own hologram which they brought to life using specially designed holographic videos. We then used a green screen and special effects to create a realistic hologram of each participant!

Delivered at: Wynnum Library / Garden City Library


AR Fashion

Participants stepped into the future of fashion with this unique augmented reality workshop designed for the curious and creative young minds of tomorrow. After an introduction to the basics of 3D creation each participant created their own unique design digitally, printed if off and transferred it onto a t-shirt too bring to life in augmented reality. At the end of the workshop everyone got to take home a unique piece of clothing that they were excited to show off to their friends and family. See it in action here >

Delivered at: Cooroy Library / Redcliffe Library / Strathpine Library


Building Gaming Apps – Flappy Birds

In this workshop the kids got the opportunity to build and code their very own mobile gaming app. Emulating the smartphone phenomenon Flappy Bird, each participant got to design their own character, levels and obstacles using a specially designed iPad app. Once completed, they had their very own gaming app to play and put their friends and family members to the test! Who knows, we may have unleased the potential of a future game designer!

Delivered at: Grange Library  / Indooroopilly Library


Hollywood tricks

Ever wondered how they do it in Hollywood? Well the kids at our Hollywood Tricks workshops need wonder no more! They learnt the art to creating awesome visual effects such as flying, teleporting and becoming invisible. The kids got to try that hand using a range of exciting filmmaking equipment as their ideas were brought to life using iPads, tripods, lights, microphones, green screens and props (every superhero needs a cape!). At the end of the workshop we celebrated with a mini film festival showcasing all the cool short videos we made.  Check out our feature on Channel 7 news here >

Delivered at: Sunnybank Hills Library



For years now Activate has been empowering tomorrow’s content creators and leading the way in teaching young people how to tell stories using devices and digital tools. We offer a wide range of workshops for in schools, libraries and OSHC. Take a look at our full range of our innovative and educational workshops here >