Alice and Albert is an incredible personal concierge service helping people live more fuller lives. We helped tell thier sotry.

The Problem

As a sparkling new business, Alice and Albert needed a way to tell their story to prospective clients. The personal concierge industry not overly well know which creates difficulties when communicating with the desired audience.

The Solution

Activate worked closely with Louisa Dyson from Alice and Albert to produce a series of high-quality videos in Brisbane which showed prospective clients how to use their services, their story and what being a personal concierge is all about.

The Results

A series of well-crafted videos sitting on the landing of the Alice and Albert website.

About the Project

Alice and Albert, a new Brisbane startup company approached Activate to produce a series of videos for online purposes. As Activate is an inexpensive production company, Alice and Albert were able to invest in getting several high-quality videos produced by our team of passionate creatives.

Why we got a kick out of the project

We LOVE a great start. There is just something about making videos for passionate entrepreneurs that is infectious. Lou from Alice and Albert is a classic example of this. Lou is wonderful at what she does and committed to helping people live a fuller life. It was an honor to be a part of helping tell her story.

Maybe it’ll be your work showcased next!

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