The Aspire team are an incredible group of talented and passionate individuals. Working with them was magic. Plus, who doesn’t love a bit of sexy black and white?!

The Problem

For its inaugural year, Aspire needed to encourage as many schools as possible to be apart of their incredible event.

The Solution

Many prolific personalities became involved due to the significance of the event. Consequently, it seems only fitting to tell their story to inspire young people to begin or continue on their journey with music. Activate produced a beautiful series of black and white videos telling the stories behind the incredible team producing this event.

About the Project

The project involved a series of interviews with people involved with Aspire International Youth Music Festival. A range of topics were discussed including their passion for music, the vision for the festival and the impact it has had on those involved. Our expertise in filmmaking allowed us to help tell the great stories behind the Aspire International Youth Music Festival.

Maybe it’ll be your work showcased next!

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