In a Queensland first, Activate built three magical augmented reality scavenger hunts for Lendlease and Sunshine Plaza.

The Problem

Lendlease were looking for an innovative way to increase the foot traffic of their younger audience in a particular area of the Sunshine Plaza.

The Solution

An educational augmented reality scavenger hunt experienced through a purpose-built iOS and Android App and collectable trading cards.

The Results

Hundreds of downloads on iOS and Android with user engagement averaging at 10 minutes.

About the Project

Using augmented reality and locative gameplay, each instalment of our eco-themed iOS and Android app has been downloaded and played hundreds of times! In three unique experiences, we guide the user through 10 minutes of immersive gameplay in which they interact with talking sea creatures, learn important lessons about protecting our oceans, and collect AR-enabled trading cards.

Experience 1

Above & Below

The user joins Lilly the Marine Biologist on a hunt for the sunken HMAS Brisbane, rumored to contain treasure at the depths of the sea! In order to locate the treasure, the user must collect plastic rubbish from the homes of both underwater and above water creatures in exchange for their cooperation.

Experience 2

The Sick Turtle

In the second instalment of Underwater Adventure, the user helps Lilly save Toodles the Turtle who is sick from an oil spill. In order to find a medical centre for Toodles, the user will need to clean sea gulls effected by the spill in exchange for directions from creatures encountered.

Experience 3

Find the Dumbo Octopus

In the exciting third instalment of Underwater Adventure the user joins Lilly on a search for the elusive Daisy the Dumbo Octopus. In order to locate her, the user will need to switch off a number of electrical appliances for the characters that will lead you to Daisy.

Why we got a kick out of this project

We got to build something that encourages our future generations to be more mindful of their rubbish, which often makes its way into our oceans, something that encourages a sense of responsibility in young minds to respect the sea, by demonstrating the impact of oil spills and the cleaning that is required to salvage these damaged waters.

We got to create something that inspires young environmentalists to conserve energy, the use of which has been linked to rising temperatures in the ocean.

Play to Win!

Underwater Adventure offered primary schools in the area an opportunity to win $5000 with each new experience just by playing. Students playing could contribute to their school’s total, while learning more about caring for the precious ecosystem of the sea.

Maybe it’ll be your work showcased next!

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