Activate was thrilled to launch the new Suzuki Swift by building one in augmented reality!

The Problem

Suzuki was looking for new ways of engagement which would allow their customers to have a virtual closeup of the new Suzuki Swift when it launched.

The Solution

An Augmented Reality experience allowing customers to customise their car using a 3D model was set up in Brisbane’s Queen St mall and subsequently given to all Suzuki dealers across Queensland.

About the Project

Customers are able to experience a virtual closeup of the car, with the ability to customise it with different colours and wheels while also viewing vital information on  the cars specifications and features. Activate has developed an app that showcases a 3D version of the exterior of the car and a 360 degree view of the interior.

Why we got a kick out of this project

Suzuki is a big client and creating a 3D model from scratch is no easy task. We put together an awesome AR experience, allowing users to experience both AR and VR.

Maybe it’ll be your work showcased next!

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