Our work with the Supportah Group allowed us to tap into our quirky side to produce simple and fun ‘Google’ style info animations.

The Problem

The Supportah Group were looking for a simple way to reduce the time spent explaining processes to clients in a way that felt fun and engaging.

The Solution

A series of three 1-2min animations which stepped Supportah’s clients through different stages of their engagement with the organisation. Animation was selected as the medium to communicate with new clients to help create a more relaxed on-boarding process.

About the Project

Working with one of Brisbane’s fastest growing employment relationships companies, we brought to life a series of quirky animations to help get clients quickly up to speed with the company’s processes. When clients begin engaging in a dispute process it is often stressful, confusing and upsetting. Our aim with this series of animations was to produce content which would relay the desired information in a way that would retain their attention and maybe just generate a smile or two!

The process

1. Work with the Supportah team to build a clear vision and purpose for the animated content

2. Plan, design and storyboard a quirky set of animations

3. Bring to life the factual information in an entertaining way

4. Deliver magic to another satisfied client

Maybe it’ll be your work showcased next!

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