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ARKit: The transformation of Augmented Reality experiences

January 15th, 2018 Posted by Productions 0 thoughts on “ARKit: The transformation of Augmented Reality experiences”

ARKit has changed the way Augmented Reality is created and consumed. Previously, we had to rely on trackpads (printed materials) to generate the 3D content to be viewed. This meant, you would use your device to scan the trackpad which would then overlay the 3D content on top of it. Now thanks to ARKit, we no longer need trackpads as this innovative technology has the capability to scan, interpret and understand the environment around us. This exciting development means your device now has the capability to map the 3D world, meaning it understands where the ground and the floor is, and that there are tables or chairs in the room. So, once you can map the spatial environment you are then able to layer content over the top of it in a way that is believable. And believability is a big deal in AR. Users need to believe that the 3D content is actually in reality with them, and failing to achieve this ultimately defeats the purpose of what we are trying to accomplish.

ARKit and Activate

What gets us excited the most about ARKit? First off , this technology has allowed us at Activate to overcome several challenges when creating AR experiences for our clients. Having to rely solely on using augmented technology that is dependent on trackpads is very inhibiting. It inhibits the size of the augmented content that can be generated in reality and limits the functionality of the content that can be displayed. Our first project using ARKit was an app we developed for Suzuki QLD. Suzuki QLD wanted an AR app that allowed their customers to have a virtual close-up of the Swift 2017, while being able to customise the features and learn more about what the car has in it. Initially we used the traditional style of AR using a trackpad, and then Apple released ARKit which allowed us to rebuild the app. A whole new experience was opened up as the 3D model of the car was now able to be viewed outside of the limitations of the trackpad.

The realistic and magical nature of AR experiences generated through ARKit also opened up an innovative and exciting experience for young minds. Using ARKit we built a project called R.E.M.I, an empathy building app for young people. The idea is that the children navigate their way through an interactive comic book, answering a series of questions based on this robot named R.E.M.I who has crash landed into earth from out of space. How empathetic they are when answering the questions determines how R.E.M.I looks in AR. This type of technology is a great way to get young people to emphasise as they are able to build a robot that is placed so seamlessly and realistically into their reality.

Finally, ARKit is quite simply a bounding leap in the right direction. We are no longer relying on specifically built pieces of machinery for people to be able to bring AR into their world, as the technology is quite literally in the palm of our hand. ARKit is amazing technology that is opening up a world of magical opportunities for our clients and our Activate team.


At Activate Entertainment we are producers of film, animation & augmented reality applications for clients big and small. Engage us to produce your film or media. From concept through to delivery we are experts in Film, Design, Illustration, Animation (2D & 3D), and Augmented Reality.


What’s the difference between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality?

December 17th, 2017 Posted by Resources 0 thoughts on “What’s the difference between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality?”

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are gaining popularity in today’s world, and can be a major game changer for businesses. While you may have heard these terms being slung around in recent years (most notably when the Pokemon Go craze took off) you may still be trying to figure out the difference between the two. While it can be a little confusing at first, they are both quite distinct from one another. To provide you with some clarity, below is an overview of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, and their unique benefits for business.

Augmented Reality

AR is digital content which is placed over the real world environment. It adds to the physical reality, supplementing the real world with digital objects, unlike VR which blocks the real world out. The most common use of AR is viewing a virtual layer through the field of view of a smartphone. The potential for this technology is endless, especially for businesses. Imagine your clients browsing through your website, and they see a rug they absolutely love. Then doubt hits them. Will this even fit in their living room? What will it look like? Instead of moving on, they can whip out their phone and use an augmented reality app to see how the rug would look in their very own living room. And this isn’t just a dream for the future. At Activate we worked with Suzuki to create an AR app that allowed customers to experience a virtual 3D model of the newly launched Suzuki Swift. Using the app customers had the ability to customize the car with different colours and wheels while also viewing information on the cars specifications and features. The virtual model also showcased a 360 degree view of the interior of the car. Businesses like Suzuki who are adopting the use of AR are fundamentally changing the way customers interact with their business, through new levels of customer engagement and interactions.

Virtual Reality

In VR, the environment is simulated using sights and sounds to wholly immerse the user in the virtual world. Unlike AR, the entire experience is digitally generated content and user’s perceptions are completely removed from the physical world. In other words, the real world environment that the person is present in, is not viewed alongside the digital content. Commonly, smartphones are strapped into headsets which enable the user to experience the VR. While VR has gained popularity in gaming communities their application in business settings should not be overlooked. VR allows customers to take a virtual tour of any location such as a hotel they are thinking of booking or a house they are interested in buying. Or perhaps VR could be used to train staff members, allowing them to practice new skills with virtual characters.

The new face of customer service

These innovative technologies can add an exciting new twist to your current business strategy. Being able to give a personal touch to your customer’s experience even from miles away can make a huge difference in your ability to add value to customers which ultimately increases sales. With VR headsets which work with any smartphone running as low as $20 and the development of the ARKit by Apple, more and more customers are searching for AR and VR experiences. If you’re not familiar with where AR and VR are heading, then you may want to sit up and take an interest as this is the future of business.


At Activate Entertainment we are producers of film, animation & augmented reality applications for clients big and small. Engage us to produce your film or media. From concept through to delivery we are experts in Film, Design, Illustration, Animation (2D & 3D), and Augmented Reality.

Transform your business using AR Apps

July 24th, 2017 Posted by Education, Productions, Resources 0 thoughts on “Transform your business using AR Apps”

Transforming your business using Augmented Reality (AR) does not have to be a daunting prospect. AR allows your customers to interact with your business in innovative and creative ways. It enables your customers to unlock information and experiences at the touch of a button using only their iPad or mobile devices and a tracking pad. While this might sound like a costly and time extensive activity, you can create AR experiences on a budget by utilising the various apps that are on the market now. (more…)

Why is video so important in small business & large organisations?

September 15th, 2016 Posted by Resources 0 thoughts on “Why is video so important in small business & large organisations?”

If you’re running a business, what’s the number one thing you need to do? Some people would say you must have a great product or service, and that’s obviously important, but it’s not much good to you if customers don’t know about it and staff don’t fully understand it. (more…)

Augmented Reality, The Future & Beyond

November 11th, 2015 Posted by Productions 0 thoughts on “Augmented Reality, The Future & Beyond”

There is no doubt that there is a lot of movement in the world of augmented reality. If you are a future idealist like myself, you will be also chomping at the bit for tomorrow to hurry up and get here. The great thing is that, it pretty much already is. Technological advancements are leaping forward with companies like Metaio & Daqri soon to be household names. This new digital world will surround us in a way that will make it difficult to determine what is digital and what is analog. The work that Activate Entertainment has done within this field has been received in a surprising manner. (more…)